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Spent like a good hour reading Clato fic

Why the hell did the director of The Hunger Games leave out their little scene when Clove died.

Ngl tho, the people who play Cato and Glimmer have insane chemistry.

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Merry Christmas

My boyfriend got me PJs. What message is he sending?

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Writer's Block: Background players

What is your computer wallpaper right now?

Writer's Block: Hand me a tissue, please.

When was the last time you cried?

Just a couple of hours ago....because a fictional character died.


"I met the cutest guy at QC last night and normally I don't really care if a guy has a beard or not but I did not know it hurt that much when you make out with someone that has a beard.

When I pictured myself kissing Blake DeWitt (who has the gnarliest beard) I never factored in the pain. Well now I know

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Loving LA weather right now

All snug in bed and listening to Band of Horses/Best Coast/Rilo Kiley/

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Happy Birthday Blake DeWitt. I wish you were still in Dodger blue because at least people from LA are waaaay nicer than people in the Chicago. 
Me: Let’s go play along the Newlywed game!

Brandon: Why? We’re not even married.

Me: Well duh. But some of these questions are really funny.

Sherri Shepard: My husband and I have a love/hate relationship. She loves my…I hate her…

Brandon: You definitely love our height difference and I hate that….you’re so perfect.

Me: Aww that’s so sweet. And such a lie. Really what do you hate about me?

Brandon: Okay if I had to pick, it would be your inability to sit still.

Me: Why is that so bad?

Brandon: Because…it’s hard to keep up with you and it’s impossible for me to fall asleep with you next to me tossing and turning. Okay your turn.

Me: But you always fall asleep before me! Anyways. You love that I crack you up and I hate that….you’re an Angels fan :D

Brandon: You really do crack me up.

Maoie: And I really do love our height difference. If only you were 6’6 like Jon Garland.

Brandon: -___________-

Happy Birthday

Blake DeWitt<3